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        Marketing  Department  of  the
        Changchun  Zhengyang  Industrial 
        Co., Ltd.
        Company address: Lvyuan West
        New Industrial Cluster, Changchun
        Postal code: 130013
        Tel: 0431-87899696/13944171119
        Fax: 0431-87877676
        About UsThe current position:Home-About Us

        Founded in 2002, the Changchun Zhengyang Industrial Co.,    Ltd. is an auto parts enterprise specializing in automotive wiring 
        harness development, design and manufacture.    
                Through years of development, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the automotive wiring harness sector. It
        has established supporting relationships with FAW Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd., FAW Qingdao Automobile Works, Changchun
        FAW Light-duty Vehicles Factory, Changchun FAW Special Vehicles Factory, FAW Jiefang No. 6 Factory, Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd., Harbin FAW Gearbox Corporation, China National Heavy Duty Truck Datong Gear Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Auto, Beijing Auto
        Foton Environmental Protection Power Co., Ltd., Beijing Automotive Auman Heavy-duty Vehicles Factory, Weichai Power Co.,
        Ltd. Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Eaton (Shanghai), FAW-Volkswagen (Jetta, Bora and Golf models), FAW Car
        (Pentium models), etc. With the improvement of overall strength, our business is gradually shifting to the engine wiring harness,
        especially the EFI engine harness development, and our production mainly serves our business goals and development directions. At the same time, given the new energy exploration and development in the automotive industry, Zhengyang Industrial has always worked closely with domestic power enterprises and whole-vehicle enterprises for R&D of gas machine wiring harness, electric auto
        wiring harness and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle wiring harness.
                In order to expand the scale to meet the needs of market development, our company conducted a workshop renovation in 2007
        and built an industrial park of 23,600 square meters in the Changchun Lvyuan West New Industrial Cluster, which is eight km from
        FAW. Now, the product structure, internal management and service quality have all been optimized in order to provide a good
        platform to better serve new and old customers. 
                Our company has fully implemented the ISO / TS 16949:2002 quality management system after passing the certification of the system and obtaining the certificate on September 15, 2008, and we have set up the standards according to the TS16949 quality
        system for new product development processes.
                Over the years, Zhengyang Industrial’s wiring harness products have been widely used in the automotive industry. Currently,
        our company's products are divided into four major categories: gearbox wiring harness, automotive air conditioning wiring harness,
        engine wiring harness and whole vehicle harness. For the products in each of the four categories we have very mature technologies,
        processes and sound on-site assembly and manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, and it has a good supporting production foundation for whole vehicle assembly.
                Zhengyang Industrial pursues perfect combination of excellent products and entrepreneurial spirits to ensure that of each of the product is a fine product to customers. We will develop the products urgently needed in markets in a timely manner, and we will
        serve our users with very competitive products in terms of quality, price and good faith.

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